Wildgrass strives to create a wide variety of compact experiences that are filled with memorable moments and respect for the players time. 

Wildgrass began as a group of students who studied together throughout their second year at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Canberra Australia.

Throughout 2012, we cooperated on multiple 48 hour game challenges and enjoyed the dynamic we found between each other, enough even to devote much of the next year(s) of our lives in an attempt to become a successful business. In early 2013 during the Global Game Jam we created CHARGE! which gained a surprising amount of popularity through some great YouTube Let’s Plays and really solidified our ambition going into this year.

Through the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s Incubator program we have been provided with the office space, business training and scholarships that we need to come in to work every day and make something happen. We realise that a lot of teams for other Indie developers across the world are actually quite dispersed, at times internationally. The AIE’s Incubator is a fantastic opportunity for us to stay connected and not worry about many things externalised from development itself such as paying for Office space, and we don’t plan to squander it.

3D Artist, Designer

Matthew primarily works on awesome high detail hard surface models, which is great because the rest of us are kinda bad at that.

Artist, Deisgner

Parisa is our resident 2D and Texture artist, but she does a lot of everything else too. Fun fact, terrified of Portal turrets.

Programmer, Designer

Alex is our one and only programmer, and source for all our science and technology fact knowledges.

Artist, Animator, Designer

Tom is the technical artist and animator on the team. He also made this website, twice. Tom now hates websites.

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