Charge 1.1 Release Postmortem

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Charge 1.1 Release Postmortem

Charge-SectionThe release of our CHARGE! prototype was more successful than we could have ever imagined, with over 335,000 people seeing the game in the numerous videos you guys have been uploading to Youtube. Unfortunately from those videos a lot of you who came here to download the game for yourselves and were unable to due to some strange issues with the IndieDB server mirror system, but we’ve now provided Mediafire links on all the individual OS download pages. This doesn’t fix the core issue itself but hopefully it will let those of you who were having the problems to give the game a shot if you’re still around.

Issues aside, we’re all happy about how this version of CHARGE! was received and we have a lot of ideas for what we could do with the game if we end up going back to it and remaking it all into a full product. One of the things that was to be in the 1.1 release but couldn’t make it in due to the rushed nature of our character model from the 48 hour was the glowing skeleton model you can see to the right. The idea behind it being that it would appear through your skin during electrocution and when you walk through X-Ray machines. But we had to cut it in order to get 1.1 out.

Of course the changes we have in our minds range beyond simply more assets and better effects. If we go back to CHARGE! we will begin from scratch, taking the knowledge we have from our existing release and building an all round better game. Better design, performance, art and straight up more content.

But we aren’t going to be working on that just yet.

So, what are we doing now then?

Well we’re making other games, or at least test versions of them. So far we’ve been developing them in 1-2 week sprints, and have 2 different projects behind us, one of which we’ll be showing you in our next post!

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